Welcome to the Naiknavare Family

For over three decades, Naiknavare has contributed wholeheartedly to the growth of Pune’s real estate market. In the numerous residential & commercial projects dotted across the cityscape of Pune, we’ve cherished the hopes of thousands of homeowners and many different commercial undertakings.

We measure our success in your satisfaction

More than the construction industry, we’ve always considered ourselves to be in the service sector. That’s because our goal is not just to build residential & commercial structures but also spread the happiness of homeownership by making the entire process more transparent, simpler and hassle-free. Today, we’re renowned for our on-time delivery, transparent sales process & an unswerving after-sales service.

A track record that spells success

In real estate, where goodwill of your customers is regarded as the real currency, it takes years to get to a reputable standing. We’ve been in the real estate industry for over 30 years and have grown with the trust of thousands of customers. We’ve amassed a portfolio of different types of properties in Pune as well as Goa.

We’re more than just real estate

We’ve come to a point where just real estate alone is not our primary goal.
We have been directly involved in multiple slum rehabilitation programmes as well as the construction of schools and facilities for the underprivileged.
Instead of just looking after the comfort of our customers, we’ve also managed to take care of the well-being of our employees. We have carried out a unique social initiative to provide them with medical care, education and a host of conveniences.
So come, be a part of the Naiknavare family. Whether as a customer or an employee, we believe in making relationships and structures that stand the test of time.