Transforming Skylines. Winning hearts


Naiknavare Developers have long been synonymous with delivering value to one-and-all, by creating products and services that enhance the appreciation of life. The brand strives to create spaces that enable you to focus on the things you consider important – whether it is building a career or a business, growing a family, connecting with friends, or simply finding the time and space to pursue your dreams.

Commanding a diverse portfolio and embodying their motto of “better living for all,” Naiknavare Developers have worked on numerous real estate projects in Pune and Goa such as slum rehabilitation, affordable housing, middle-income residences and exclusive residential projects that redefine the perception of high-end.

Nainkavare’s vision is to continue transforming skylines by creating homes, schools, hotels, commercial spaces and business centres that uphold quality and withstand the test of time. Through their projects, they provide the right blend of aesthetics, practicality and economy because it's not just a house, it's your home and eventually, a better lifestyle.

Over the years, Naiknavare has won the hearts of their clients – both in India and abroad - by creating happy communities through integrated planning, detailing focused on sustainability and sensitive post-possession hand-holding.

While the real estate brand continues to create a better living - for all, it also fulfils its responsibilities as a change agent for accelerating the pace of social and economic transformation across various segments. Through Corporate Social Responsibility, Naiknavare endeavours to create sustainable economies and transform stagnant lives into active partnerships through synergized proactive handholding in areas of infrastructure, education, training and environment. It is their unwavering public commitment to carry on these trusted relationships.