Town Square Shopping Centre in Pune – Commercial Property

properties in viman nagar pune The cardinal principles of and ideal shopping centre are location, easy access and pleasant ambience. Not only should a shopping centre be a one-stop-shop for all daily conveniences but should have a welcome and comfortable ambience for leisurely social interaction, like a Town square.

Town square Shopping Centres are designed along the successful Australian & European models, as opposed to the glitzy "MALL" model. Being neighborhood shopping centres, actual brisk business happens at Town Square.

Town Square shopping Centres Provide shopkeepers a unique opportunity to become a retailer in a professionally designed and managed shopping centre. The affordable monthly rentals with low investment and heavy shoppers traffic, make this a high profit business proposition.

Town Square Shopping Centres will be perfect for retailers and professionals who haven’t so far found the right shopping centre. The creators of Town Square shopping centres have planned the entire shopping centre so that a variety of businesses will be offered spaces in every shopping Centre, an ideal mix, attracting shoppers in very large numbers.