Pune’s Leading Builder with a Strong Commitment to Social Responsibility

Naiknavare Developers is a company that has long been associated with creating better living in Pune through real estate – but the group does not limit itself to serving the privileged strata of society.

Through social initiatives, Naiknavare Developers works towards the uplift of the underprivileged, offering better education and opportunities that accelerate the pace of their social and economic progress.

Naiknavare Developers is more than a leading construction company with residential properties in Pune & Goa. Its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives aim at raising the standard of living for all.

Shanta-prabhu Prashala at Pandharpur
Lack of proper educational facilities at Ajansond, near Pandharpur had serious social repercussions for the people living there. By getting local villagers involved, Naiknavare set up the "Shanta-Prabhu Shaikshanik Va Samajik Vikas Mandal".
Today, the initiative has evolved into a higher secondary school providing the residents of Ajansond and surrounding areas with modern education facilities.

Mobile Crèches
In order to take care of the children of construction workers, mobile crèches are set up at various sites through a strategic tie up with an NGO named Mobile Crèches.
These mobile crèches take care of the children of site workers, providing them with food, elementary education and medical care.

The initiative is aimed towards the environment and is committed to the cause of environmental preservation.
Hirwaee is a public charitable trust involved in environmental and beautification efforts, formed by residents of the Erandwane locality and supported by Naiknavare Developers.

Kushal is part of a strategy to train and empower people with permanent skills, enabling them to earn their livelihood.
Kushal is in association with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and offers vocational training centres that help construction workers to learn while they earn.
The director of Naiknavare Developers, Mr. Ranjit Naiknavare is the Vice Chairman of this trust, and is actively involved in the cause.

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