(Imperial Residency)
We got this flat around 4 years ago from Naiknavare. The marketing professionals were very experienced & very impeccable when it came to the selling of the flat. They were really impressive with their presentations which is how we got on -board with Naiknavare. Talking about the amenities Naiknavare offers us, we have a lovely terrace apartment on the 1st floor of Imperial Residence & that's the best part about coming home in the evening & having the lovely garden to look at. Another of the amenities that Naiknavare offers us is a lovely club house, with a pretty swimming pool & a lovely garden where the kids can enjoy their evenings out & the parents and grand -parents can sit & have a lovely evening. The location is really serene, quiet, built amongst the lovely Agakhan Palace so it's a lovely view from our apartment that really happens lo be a piece to the eyes. The location around is quite serene & very quiet so there's a 101 01 safety from the hassle of the city, that's how Naiknavare lives upto its expectations. And ill ever get a chance to purchase another Naiknavare flat, I would really do so without any much ado.

(Victoria Garden)
We've invested in Naiknavare & we are really very happy. Whenever we have any investment to make in Pune, definitely, we would go for Naiknavare's projects. We've always been recommending our family & friends, whenever they have any amount to invest in Pune to go for Naiknavare projects, because the amenities & the facilities that they have been providing & the structure & everything is so wonderful that we have no complaints. Even though the building has become about 8 years old, iVs still in very, very good shape. We are very happy and so are all our neighbors. I'm sure anybody who invests in these projects are definitely not going to regret it. They're definitely going to enjoy it forever & ever.

(Aloma county. Irene Towers)
Hi, I'm Prashant Deo, a proud customer of Naiknavare Developers, currently residing at Irene Towers, Aloma County, a project jointly developed by Naiknavare Developers Pvt Ltd 8. Pride Housing. Buying an apartment at Aloma County was a very pleasing experience, essentially with the marketing team who provided us with impressive of presentations. I'm happy to say that whatever amenities were a part of the presentation at the time of marketing of the product, most of those we are enjoying today. The unique point which I observed about Irene Towers, which made me purchase this particular property is the fantastic podium garden. Staying at Aloma County, as the name goes, is serene & tranquil. Every evening, we look forward to getting back to our cozy home at Aloma County. I'm happy that we made this decision to somewhere, Thank you Naiknavare.

This is the million dollar view of the podium garden & this was the motivating & decisive factor for our purchase at Aloma County. Children playing here, senior citizens enjoying a morning or evening walk & people sitting across in the podium garden, is the most enjoyable view of Aloma County.There is no doubt that if a premium property like this comes my way again, I will definitely invest with Naiknavare Developers.

We've been living in this society since 12 years. It's a very good housing society. City Pride, the theater, was earlier known as Swapnashilp, itself. The location of Swapnashilp is very convenient & all the facilities here are good. We have a swimming pool & a tennis court, which we can use everyday. The committee & the neighbors here are very good. Our functions are also well managed, like Ganesh Chaturthi. Our Annual Day is the best event of all. That's when we have SPL(Swapnashilp Premium League) which is our small cricket tournament. Last year, I was the captain of my team & I won this trophy for SPL. We have 6 teams for this event, with a ladies team & a kids team, too. The annual day is a lot of fun & is conducted in January. Even Ganesh visarjan is very grand. Everyone around knows, that it's Swapnashilp's celebration. There are camels, elephants, horses & everything with a big dhol-taasha gathering.

We took this flat a decade ago & the reason I made this purchase was the central location. In today's day there are big buildings everywhere, but this is close to deccan & as we say is in a convenient location. Experience-wise, Naiknavare has very good legal practices, from society formation, upto the last day. The staff service is excellent, for example, when it comes to agreement signing, registration, receipt, everything is a clear transaction. When I had purchased this flat I didn't face a single problem. The directors, too, are very cooperative. Building-wise, the architects have done a good job. We have even-odd terraces, which means some people have a terrace to the living room & the others have it attached to the bedroom. This area has 3-4 generators, which means we have no power cut problems. The water facilities are good, too. If I were given the opprtunity, I would definitely invest in Naiknavare. In short, Naiknavare's transparency is the best thing, there's no more or less than what is said. Naiknavare's scheme & construction quality is the best. That's why is I ever get the opportunity, I'd definitely invest in a Naiknavare project. They have a lot of on-going schemes. When I purchased this flat, the walk-through was very well made. The whole model was well made, which is why I made this decision.

The most basic point about Naiknavare is that they are an in-house team. Means construction, legality, architecture, including R.C.C. Consulting, everything is in-house. Service-wise, documentation-wise & quality is excellent. So in short, their main LISP is that they are an in-house team.