Residential Projects in Pune & Goa

Ongoing and Upcoming Residential Projects in Pune Our homes explore the innate desire for beauty and convenience in our living spaces; dispelling the urban legacy of cramped rooms and poor ventilation and redefining architecture with an intricate play of light and shadow, air and space.

Naiknavare homes also reflect the personality and taste of those accustomed to the best in quality design, finish and lifestyle. Commanding a diverse portfolio and embodying our motto of “better living for all,” we have worked on projects such as slum rehabilitation, affordable housing, middle-income residences and exclusive residential projects that redefine the perception of high-end.

Housing being the need of the hour for our rapidly developing country, our teams of professionals are constantly in search of addressing issues related to housing such as urban planning, social-development patterns, infrastructural necessities so on and so forth to inform our built works. We are always exploring various typologies of housing with a holistic and passionate dedication towards the residential sector.