Naiknavare Developers – Going Beyond Real Estate

30 years ago, in 1986, we entered Pune’s real estate market with our first project Prashanta. Fast forward 30+ years and today, we have established a firm standing in 5 different segments of realty – residential, commercial, slum rehabilitation, education and hospitality.

In all these years, we’ve become synonymous with:
1. High Quality of Construction
2. Timely Delivery of developments
3. After-Sales Services
4. Transparency
5. An Array of real estate options

However, we’ve gone beyond building homes & commercial offices. Today, our goal is to provide better living standards to everyone. And we have worked on it already.

Shantaprabhu Prashala

We believe that education is both the means as well as the end to a better life. With this belief, we established the Shantaprabhu Prashala at Ajansond near Pandharpur in the year 1992 to offer education to underprivileged children. To this date, the school continues to provide education to the local kids.

Mobile Crèches

At Naiknavare Developers, we’ve made sure that our workers are well taken care of, which is why we’ve installed mobile crèches to look after their little ones. With strategic NGO tie-ups, we can provide them with medical care, food and education.


Concern over the environment is one thing everybody has to share, which is why we must take better care of it. Hirwaee is a public charitable trust that conducts beautification activities across different parts of Pune.

Bhaashaa Trust

Bhaashaa trust is actively participating in the preservation of our regional languages. It is headed by our Director, Mr. Ranjit Naiknavare. The Trust carries out its activities all over the country!