servicesAt Naiknavare Developers, we believe not just in creating quality homes, but in building endearing relationships too. For us, selling a property is not an end in itself, but a link in the process of building relationships and ensuring absolute peace of mind for our clients.

Managing and maintaining a home and the housing colony becomes a time consuming process unless handled by professionals. To this end we have created a professional Property Management division, enabling hassle free upkeep and maintenance of the colony. We help customers in society formation and organize regular get togethers and events to encourage interaction and bonhomie within the community. In due course we hand hold the society to take over the regular running and operations of the colony, while remaining just a phone call away. If a remotely customer chooses not to live in a Naiknavare home, we help and provide services in terms of renting off their property.

Have you ever wondered why clients seldom hear from their builders after the sale is closed? Well, most companies close the sale and move on to the next transaction. We believe clients are our only priority, and we work hard to earn their confidence and lasting goodwill

At Naiknavare, we take care of the clients after the sale by providing the following plans: