The PLASWALL™ System is a simple, fast and economical pre-engineered and pre-fabricated modular load-bearing construction system. It consists of a range of custom-manufactured modular walls assembled in a mobile factory on site and is compatible with any design or architectural requirement. This patented technology can meet every need, from thermally insulated walls especially designed for hot and cold climates to lightweight concrete internal wall systems. It comprises of high impact moulded inserts, bonded between two layers of fibre cement boards in situ and erected to produce a straight-to-finish wall. By filling the entire structure with concrete, a monolithic structure is constructed. Additional load capacity can be obtained by providing extra reinforcing bars and/or increasing the grade of the concrete.

  • The System is a unique fibre cement lost in place or permanent concrete formwork.
  • It replaces costly steel, aluminium and plywood formworks.
  • This complete building solution includes a range of custom–manufactured modular straight to finish load bearing walls.
  • It is unique in comparison to other construction methods in that the mobile assembly factory is located on site.
  • Requires significantly lower skilled labour to build high quality concrete homes.
  • The System is proven to reduce on-site labour requirements by at least 50% and construction time by up to 50%.
  • The site assembly of the main components can be produced and delivered faster and more efficiently, substantially reducing on-site costs.