Conventional Construction
Construction technology involves the choice of building materials and the technique and means used to erect a house. As with the housing design process, cautious consideration of contextual conditions is crucial to developing appropriate construction technologies. In addition, any selected technology must be constantly reviewed and, if necessary, upgraded during the construction process. We are experienced in designing structures of different materials for low-rise to very high-rise buildings. These include reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, precast and high strength concrete, structural steelwork composite structure, and tension structure.

Traditional masonry construction is the construction method of choice for new homes. It is the choice for 70% of house builders. This method is ingrained in our national psyche and most people appear to feel more comfortable putting their faith and money in bricks and mortar.

Traditional masonry construction refers to houses built in block and brick. Although brick is used countrywide as an outer skin or 'facing material', it is often substituted with local quarried stone or a reconstituted replica.

Despite the use of the term 'traditional', masonry construction has incorporated many modern developments and has come a long way since the days of solid stone walls. Improvements in technical design, materials and accessory products have enhanced the performance of these structures significantly in terms of structural integrity, thermal efficiency and moisture protection. Progress has led to developments such as thin joint systems with CLC.