Aluform - Aluminium Formwork System
At Naiknavare we are always on the lookout for new eco-friendly construction methodologies. The Aluminium Formwork System for concreting is probably the most versatile modern construction system. Unlike other systems, it is equally suited to both high and low-rise construction. The Alu-Form system allows speedy, accurate and highly consistent casting of all internal and external walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, stairs and other parts of a concrete building.

Naiknavare Developers is one of the few real estate companies in India to have extensively researched and one hundred percent indigenized Aluminium-form technology. Today, we have our own Aluform fabrication unit at Pune

Alu-Form technology allows incorporation of internal electrical fittings and plumbing with a high degree of design efficiency, and as a part of the overall building plan.

It involves extremely efficient, lightweight and flexible materials and cuts down on the need for messy brickwork, concrete leakage and the use of conventional, polluting construction equipment. It is therefore one of the most environment-friendly construction techniques on the market.

Significantly, Alu-Form technology puts an end to construction irregularities that plague even the best of projects. The finished units are flawlessly balanced and streamlined, providing a finished and sophisticated look and feel. It has long durability as compared to the convention construction method.

  • Nullifies the use of wood thereby is a Green technology
  • Cut down the need for conventional brick work
  • Custom designed to suit project requirements
  • Unsurpassed construction speed
  • High quality finish
  • Cost effective for mass production
  • Panels can be reused over 150 times
  • *Erected using unskilled labour
  • *Light weight, easy to handle
  • Low waste