Cellular Lightweight Concrete Block
Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) is one of the recent emerging technique in making concrete. It has many advantages when compared to the normal conventional concrete. Fly ash a industrial waste product cannot be easily disposed. It solves the problem of disposal of fly ash and at the same time it reduces the cost of the construction. Therefore, fly ash based CLC is considered as environment friendly sustainable material produced with least energy demand.

The density is considerably reduced by using fly ash based cellular lightweight concrete than normal concrete and at the same time, the strength is not affected by appropriate design mix. When we use this type of concrete we achieve large volume by less amount of concrete. The manufacturing process of this type of concrete does not involve any high cost techniques. Manufacturing process of CLC is similar to normal concrete and in this additionally foam generating machine is used.

Properties of Cellular Concrete
  • Low weight.
  • Good fire resistance.
  • Good thermal insulation property.
  • Thermal expansion is negligible.
  • Freezing and thawing problems are absent.
  • Sound absorption is good.

Uses of Cellular Concrete
  • In Construction of partition walls.
  • Partitions for heat insulation purposes.
  • Good thermal insulation property.
  • Construction of hollow filled floors.