Heads of Departments

Mr. Pramod Y. Thakar
Billing & Coordination - Chief Architectural Engineer and Associate
As one of the longest serving member of NDPL, Pramod Y. Thakar is also the unofficial historian of the company. After having worked through every department in the organization, he is a repository for information about the company. As the chief co-ordinator, he can get the various departments working together as a symphony. A skillful mediator he knows how to circumvent unnecessary road blocks and keep the project on schedule, every time. An avid socialite, he loves interacting with people from all walks-of- life. Extremely fond of sports he still loves to play cricket.

Mr. Sandesh Kanpile
B.E Civil
Chief Engineer
As Chief Engineer and as head of the engineering division, Mr. Sandesh, with over 20 years' experience is responsible for the speed, and quality of construction at all our sites.

Armed with a BE in Civil Engineering, Sandesh opted for his first love - the construction industry. In a short span, he started his ascent, rising to be the Chief Engineer.

As the chief technology driver, he was responsible for the indigenization of Alu-Form works. All the technology initiatives at Naiknavare, are implemented, under his stewardship. Spare time finds him in front of the television set, catching up with the latest cricket fixtures.

Mr. Vishal Thorat
BE Electrical
Manager Electrical
This livewire engineer could teach the regulatory bodies a few things about energy savings. In charge of all the electrical works at all the sites, Vishal is responsible for all liaison work with MSEDCL.

A firm believer in energy savings, he has managed to install retrofits that have resulted in major savings. Always on the lookout for new technology, Vishal has managed to introduce a host of new fitments at various projects. A wildlife enthusiast, he specializes in catching poisonous snakes that have strayed into living spaces. He nurtures an ambition of catching the most prized catch – a King Cobra.

Mr. Sanjaykumar Dalvi
Diploma in Hardware
Electronic Data Processing - System Administrator
As the head of the EDP department, Mr. Dalvi is responsible for the smooth information exchange between various departments without any glitches. Working behind the scene and ensuring that real time data is available to everyone, everywhere and every time is what he enjoys most. A commerce graduate whose first love is bytes he enjoys reading about the latest breakthrough in hardware and software. An avid cricket fan who would like to be on the field, he catches up with the game on television on weekends. Globetrotting is something he would love to do if he could spare some time from his 24x7 schedule.

Mr. Vikas Jadhav
M.com, MBA(HR)
HR - Admin - General Manager
Patient, Good Listener, Amicable are just some of the words that can be ascribed to Vikas Jadhav the General Manager. A Management graduate Vikas has been a HR man all along. People management, employee welfare, is second nature to him. His work as he states it is People and Organization Development. With his employee retention skill there has hardly been any attrition.

As a HR Manager he strikes the right balance between the old and the new. As the HR, his personal goal is to convert the HR department from a cost center to a profit center.

Mr. Shankar Khetawat
Land & SRA - Estate Manager and Associate
The oldest employee of the company, Mr. Khetawat holds the prime portfolio of 'Land and Acquisitions Department' at Naiknavare. With over 23 years of experience in land dealings, he is an encyclopedia on land and acquisition matters. Soft spoken and always ready to help Mr. Khetawat is the driver of the numerous Slum Rehabilitation projects of the company.

With a personal CSR agenda that many do not know, Mr Khetawat has helped many slum inhabitants in educating their children.

Mrs. Prachi Vaibhav Gosavi
Legal - Manager
A one time Civil Service Aspirant, Prachi is a Law graduate from the University of Kolhapur and Master of laws in business laws from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. Inspite of her hectic work schedule she still finds time to pursue her academic interests to keep abreast of the latest developments in the legal field.

With her drafting and contract negotiating skills, she is responsible for all the legal documentation of the company. Every legal document that crosses her desk is thoroughly scrutinised and bears her approval. An excellent lawyer at ease, even in the presence of Senior Counsels, Prachi is best at litigation management.

Prachi spends her spare time listening to music and loves spending time at home with her family.

Mrs. Aruna Mahesh Sawant
B.E. Civil Engineering
Chief Liasioning Officer
Aruna has the unenviable task of liasoning with Govt Offices, Maintaining data and relations with government officials, rules and regulations of the state. Getting the project sanctioned from the relevant government authorities like the Municipal Corporation,Collector Office, Dist. Office, Town Planning & Urban Development Dept. (Mantralaya) SRA & CIDCO. Her Legal & Technical Skills plays an important role in the development of the organisation. By no means an ordinary task, this is something which she has done for 20 years.

Her quest for knowledge never ceases. Having managed to earn a BE Civil whilst working shows her commitment towards self improvement. If there is one thing which Aruna loves besides learning is travelling to exotic locations.

Mr. Barkat Quadri
MBA in HR & International Business
Head Property Services Division
Barkat Quadri believes in the maxim “Never refuse a customer anything at first”. As the man in charge of the Maintenance Department he has to ensure that every house is serviced beyond the customers expectation.

After a 15 year stint with the executive wing of the Indian Navy, Barkat reengineered his career by acquiring an MBA in HR & International Business and other industry related courses before stepping out in the corporate world. Dealing with customers both internal as well as external is a balancing act that he manages with a finesse of a tight rope walker. Customer service for him is a 24X7 job and he ensures every member of his team delivers. Driven to satisfy client’s dynamic needs by creating solutions that exceed expectations. Barkat Quadri is dedicated to the idea that every client is a long term relationship. His mission is to provide an environment that is clean, safe, and an enhancement to living forever. No problem is too small, no job too big, and no client is taken for granted.

A 24X7 schedule hardly leaves him time for any other pursuit but he still manages to catch up with reading his other passion, and of course a little time to commune with the almighty.

Ms. Krupali Subhashchandra Kadam
M.E. Structures
Principal Consultant of Structural Design
Krupali Kadam has built her career methodically just like the structures she has designed in a career spanning 16 years.

As a structural engineer Krupali is responsible for giving form to what the architect has visualized. She has more than a decade and a half of experience in analysis, design and detailing of several large residential & commercial projects. Having secured a Masters in Civil Engineering whilst working, she knows where to draw the line when it comes to execution of a design. During her tenure at Naiknavare, she has observed the construction industry from very close quarters albeit from a neutral perspective, which has provided her with an insight into the problems faced by all key stake holders in the construction industry. A brief stint with a MNC has given Krupali the added advantage of international exposure in the construction industry. An advocate of continuous education, Krupali keeps herself abreast with the latest in structural engineering by reading.

Mrs. Swati Ambre
BSC, BED, MDE, pursuing 2nd year for Masters in Environmental Science
Principal Dwarka School

Mrs. Swati Ambre is a dedicated educationist. Children are the prime focus of all her effort in work. She sincerely believes that real education lies way beyond books. As an army officers daughter she received her education at premier institutions all over the country. She graduated from the prestigious Fergusson College Pune and her academics did not end here. Over the years she has successfully pursued various courses and is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Science. Mrs. Ambre has been involved with Dwarka School since inception. With an eye for detail she managed to get the school CBSE affiliation with just one inspection. An administrator par excellence she is responsible for all the activities be it curriculum, administration, recruitment and training. Married to an army officer she has had the opportunity to travel far and wide. Travel has now become a second passion after reading. With her rich experience, multi-faceted personality and qualities she is sure to lead the school community with vision and dedication.