Board of Directors

Ms. Gauri Naiknavare

B. Arch (Architecture)
As Gauri say's "Spaces touch every aspect of our lives. Its impact on life is all-encompassing, be it the comfort of a home, efficiency in the office, recreation, shopping or space to learn and grow." As an architect, Gauri is in a constant quest to ensure that the relationship between these spaces and the lives ensconced in or around, feel truly enriched. With 'Better Living, for all' as the dictum, a lens through which she envisions every project and each minute detail in it, she is committed to ensure that the experience is rewarding.

Keeping customers at the heart of all that she does, all her initiatives focus on enhancing the life of every customer. Extremely fit thanks to a strict exercise regime, Gauri finds it easy to walk 10 flights of stairs with her site engineers to ensure that nothing is amiss. Her spirit of adventure has led her on to 'Kailasa Manasarovar' a physically and mentally challenging trek and diversifications into areas such as hospitality, leisure and technology.

Mr. Hemant Naiknavare

B.E. (Civil) and L.L.B.
With the tenacity of an institution building entrepreneur, Hemant has seen the company through in the tough opening decades. The things that make him different from other people are his patience, his persistence and his sense of fair play.

A self-professed 'learner for life', Hemant is a qualified Civil Engineer and a Law Graduate. Hemant brings on board his unique vision, management practices and focused approach to the function, expansion, diversification and management of the organization. As an integral part of the key management, he manages a portfolio spanning across Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality and Social Infrastructure projects. His creative instinct leads him to get involved in every project as if he himself were to live in it.

Hemant is currently the Immediate past President of CREDAI, Pune Metro. He is actively involved as a trustee in the activities of Sadhana and Hirawaee.

Mr. Ranjit Naiknavare

B.E. (Civil), M.S. (Structural Engineering) and M.B.A. (Finance)
Ranjit is a hardcore professional committed to providing quality and value to the company's discerning clientele. His firm belief and practices of transparent, fair & methodical business procedures has earned the company a reputation for providing hassle free dealing, clear and legal titles and quality homes that are affordable.

Ranjit, holds a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Mumbai University, a M.S in Structural Engineering and an M.B.A. (Finance)and is incharge of the overall operations of the company. With his simple nature and immense knowledge about the construction business, he has been managing the company for over 2 decades. Working in the field of project administration, execution and marketing with a desire to take the company to great heights by introducing new cost effective and application specific technology. Innovative by nature, Ranjit is responsible for technology absorption, innovative equipment solutions and latest maintenance techniques required by the company for the successful execution of projects. Driven by a desire to excel in every aspect, he motivates guides and pushes his team to achieve the desired results.

Ranjit believes that Service is the key differentiator that draws customers to Naiknavare. Passionate about CSR he is on the board of several NGOs and actively involved in creating a better future. A weekend golfer, he strictly plays by the book on the greens as well as off it.